Immediate Response to Russian Terror and Support for Ukraine

Dear Members of the European Commission, European Council, and European Parliament,

We, the Euromaidan-Warszawa Civil Initiative and thousands of participants in today’s peaceful protest in front of the European Commission headquarters in Poland, write to you in a time of dire need and urgency, seeking your immediate intervention in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Recently, Ukraine has demonstrated remarkable resilience and strength in repelling what is considered the largest combined missile attack in the world. In a single night, Ukrainian Air Defense forces successfully neutralized 72 targets, including 10 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles, 62 Kalibr cruise missiles, and 35 Shahed drones. Throughout 2023, Ukraine endured the bombing of 1335 missiles and 3149 Shahed drones, tragically resulting in civilian casualties and widespread destruction. Over 397 missiles and 509 drones have directly impacted civilians, leading to over 2,000 civilian deaths and 11,000 injuries.

Despite the heroic efforts of the Ukrainian air defense, russia continues its relentless and indiscriminate attacks, targeting civilians and exhausting Ukraine’s defense capabilities. This ongoing aggression not only poses a direct threat to Ukrainian lives but also undermines the stability and security of the European region.

In light of these events, we urge the European Commission, the European Council, and the European Parliament to take immediate action:

  • Provide Ukraine with essential defensive weapons, including F-16 aircraft, advanced air defense systems, drones, and long-range Taurus missiles. This support is crucial to protect the civilian population and bolster Ukraine’s defense against further russian aggression.
  • Enforce the isolation of russian diplomats in international forums and platforms, as a measure to condemn and curtail Russia’s aggressive actions.
  • Authorize the utilization of frozen russian assets to support Ukraine, providing much-needed financial aid and resources in these challenging times.

The situation in Ukraine is not just a regional concern but a matter of global significance, impacting the principles of sovereignty, democracy, and human rights. Your swift action can significantly contribute to the protection of these values and the restoration of peace and stability in the region.

We appreciate your immediate attention to this matter and look forward to your support and solidarity in these trying times.


Euromaidan-Warszawa Civil Initiative and all protest participants 

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